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This document contains the entire understanding between Yeti Prints Photography and the client. ***PAYMENTS: Client agrees to timely payment. In event of payment default, client is responsible for (but not limited to) bad check fees and collection costs. Yeti Prints Photography may withhold images or may cancel/postpone photographic service until full payment is made. ***MODEL/EXHIBITION RELEASE: Photographer retains ownership of digital images and the unrestricted right to copyright, use and publish images resulting from this assignment for commercial, promotion, and competition or other purposes such as, but not limited to: print ads, brochures, websites, exhibits, or other promotions without notification, compensation, or liability to the client. ***COPYRIGHT AND LICENSING: The images that are provided to you are licensed copies for any reasonable personal purposes, including: printing, copying, emailing, and web publishing. Your license does not include use that results in financial gain: advertising, stock photography, print sale profits, or resale of any nature. Your purchase of the original files releases Yeti Prints Photography from any liability due to loss or damage of the images, and also releases Yeti Prints Photography from any obligation to maintain copies of any digital file, image or photograph. You hereby grant to Yeti Prints Photogrpahy the right to use and publish images and photographs taken at your photography session to further promote its service. Yeti Prints Photography retains all copyrights to the images and derivative works thereof. ***INITIAL PAYMENT REQUIRED AND NON-REFUNDABLE: This contract between YETI PRINTS Photography and the client shall not become effective until it is signed and the initial amount due has been paid. At the time the contract takes effect, Yeti Prints Photography shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time. For this reason, in the event that the client cancels the contract for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by Yeti Prints Photography in order to offset its loss of business. *****LIABILITY AND GUARANTEE: YETI PRINTS PHOTOGRAPHY will refund the full amount paid to them only in the case of: absence from event, extreme lateness, accident, equipment failures, or human error if YETI PRINTS PHOTOGRAPHY is unable to provide ANY service on the day of the event as specified above. If YETI PRINTS PHOTOGRAPHY is able to provide service at the event, YETI PRINTS PHOTOGRAPHY cannot be held liable for lack of service. YETI PRINTS PHOTOGRAPHY may consider circumstances as they arise, but they are not required to give any refund unless they see fit. *** LOCATION LIMITATIONS: YETI PRINTS PHOTOGRAPHY is not liable for restrictions on the photographers at the location of the event and/or surrounding complications that are unable to be resolved by the photographer. *****BY PAYING THE INITIAL FEE, THE CLIENT IS ENTERING INTO AN AGREEMENT WITH YETI PRINTS PHOTOGRAPHY AND IS AGREEING TO ALL TERMS FOUND IN THIS AGREEMENT.
By typing my name below I am hiring Jasmine Reischling of Yeti Prints Photogrpahy and I am agreeing to the terms of this contract.
Yeti Prints is booking weddings for 2017 and still has some availability for 2016.
Contact Jasmine at 720.879.2030 or