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E Session Adrian & Rachel

First YETI Blog post. IT. IS. HAPPENING. Before Facebook, I used to blog. Now it all feels strange. But I have so much to post and share. I can't believe how easy it is.

Let's start this week with a very nice Engagement Session. Full of fall color and set below the five gorgeous Flat Iron Peaks, this couple rocked their session, and I do remember the groom-to-be saying, "I can't believe how easy you made this. I thought it was going to be stressful." That's actually the 2nd time I heard that this month. My photo sessions are laid back and fun. There's very little 'tilt your head' and a lot of me sharing self-deprecating comments to nudge my clients into laughter and some sweet sentiments to sprinkle on the bliss. 

So did I pull it off? You tell me. 
Adrain + Rachel to wed March 2017.

Adrain + Rachel to wed March 2017.

Yeti Prints is booking weddings for 2017 and still has some availability for 2016.
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